A Couple Things Updates 🐢

A Couple Things Updates

I recently found a drummer on Sound Better to help me arrange my music. It was a fun and fresh experience. We had a Zoom session where we can discuss arrangements instantly.He plays about two tracks and I think the sound is done already. I have been working on this song for about years. After this, I decided to rearrange to a more minimal style, soft and smooth. Hope I can find some other musicians to help me finish the track.

Mostly, I think because of growing up, I feel like I understand more on 70s fork music. I'm starting to dig into more soft indie pop, 70s fork music and still 70s soul jazz sound. I guess this will be the sound on my debut album that I'm working on.

By the way, I will try to finish the last song of my new cover song ep and release a few live tracks which I performed earlier in the year. It was my debut live performance. Although I was super nervous, I had an amazing night. I enjoyed it a lot. Still, thanks to the audience, musicians and Sunset.



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yuhsun - Aug. 4, 2021, 4:47 p.m.


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