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但我今天發現了一件事,許多我很喜歡的音樂人,其實都有翻唱別人的歌,而且也是受到矚目的翻唱,像是 D’ Angelo - Feel Like Makin’ Love 是翻唱 Roberta Flack, Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love 是翻唱 Marilyn McCoo 和 Billy Davis Jr., Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love) 是翻唱 The Isley Brother, Beyoncé, Luther Vandross - The Closer I Get To You 是翻唱 Robert Flack, Donny Hathaway 還有很多….

雖然我不知道他們自己是怎麼想的, 為什麼想翻唱, 放入專輯, 歌受到大家喜愛,有什麼想法。但我想了一想, 其實許多歌手拿別人的詞曲來唱, 就是翻唱,如何詮釋一首歌好像也是蠻重要, 它就變成了歌手自己的歌。 下次我在唱或聽自己的夏夜晚風之後, 不會再想這個問題了!翻唱別人的歌, 現在主要是我練習我喜歡音樂人的編曲,希望近期可以帶給大家, 剩下一首還沒完成, 之後我就要去好了做自己專輯了

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Tyler is the best!!

I super agree with what Tyler said!

我越來越覺得沒有一件事是對或是錯,而是每一個人站的角度不同而已。我猜想大家決定一件事的對錯,喜勿,是非都是用過往個人的經驗,而每個人的成長背景都不相同,用自己過往的經驗來定義或批評他人好壞是否好?我個人是越來越不會定義他人的是非對錯,其實我覺得這根本不重要,更重要的事是被背後的原因。 理解之後,即便許多人覺得是錯的行為,如果能說服我,我不會說他錯,但也不會說他對。被背後的原因才能使我們大家更加了解社會上的問題。不要誤會我,但我仍然心中有一把尺是對著自己, 因為只有自己評論自己的行為對錯是合理的,或者可以說會做還是不會去做。舉例來說,也是我去年有感而發開始了這一套想法,經過了美國較為激烈的抗議事件(有些人會說暴動洗劫),但我不會說這一件是對還是錯, 第一點我並不是參加抗議的人,或者是受壓迫的人,基於幾點下,我覺得完全沒有權利去說,而且我能理解有些人這樣做的原因,但是有犯法的行為就讓司法去定義吧。我內心只知道一件事,就是我不會去做這一件事。

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James Taylor - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

This Thursday morning, I was scrolling Instagram on my bed after I woke up. Suddenly I saw James Taylor post about he is in Chicago and preparing for the show. I looked it up on his website and the show is on the same day lol. After hesitating about going, I forgot haha and started to do my work of the day, write some code and do an interview. After, meeting with my colleagues, it was around 6 pm. I feel satisfied with my day. I think I should treat myself to some things and then the concert pops up in my mind. During some hesitation and a long time didn’t went out for any show, I finally decided to go because first, it's James Taylor, I play his music a lot, and second he’s pretty old now, I don’t want regret didn’t see this legend. I bought the cheapest ticket on the site one hour before the show started, which is the last row on the third floor. 

After I went there, I got a hot dog and water and then found my seat to enjoy the opening show. It was a nice country, rock n roll style music. Most of the audience are elder people, I guess they are in their 60s or 70s. Everyone enjoyed the show and sang alone. After the opening show finished, I was sitting on my seat scrolling Instagram haha. A lady from the venue asked me if I wanna go to ground floor to see, since I was there  by myself. I said yes without thinking. I feel so lucky at the moment, so I walk down to the first floor and wait for James Taylor to play lol.

He played half of his new song and half of his popular. Although, I wish he can play some songs that I play much often, It’s still an amazing show. The musicians are all legends and the visual of the stage is stunning. There is a tree and the leaves are shaped in crystal style floating with the songs.

I was happy about the crazy decision I made because it brings so much surprise and joy to my days.

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